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We offer pre-school programs for kids from 12 months to 6 years old. Our pre-school gymnastics classes enable children to learn individual awareness, self-esteem, and coordination. Kids learn coordination, improve flexibility and body strength, improve gross motor skills, and develop confidence and self-discipline. At Next Dimension Gymnastics, we are committed to providing a memorable experience for kids in Trumbull, CT, Fairfield, CT, and Shelton, CT.

  • Build total body strength

  • Improve flexibility

  • Enhance gross motor skills

  • Teach self-discipline

  • Encourage self-confidence

  • Promote goal-setting

Jump-start your child's development, social skills, strength, and confidence with gymnastics!

Take advantage of the classes we offer  for your child's age and skill level.

With a focus on hard work and skill development, Next Dimension Gymnastics will ensure a memorable and fun experience for your child every time!

Why gymnastics?

Classes for every age

Adventurers (12-24 months) – This program enables toddlers to explore the gym with the assistance of a parent and guidance from our staff. For most kids, this is their first movement experience in a group with other kids and a teacher. The class includes a variety of experiences, including circle time, trampolines, balancing games, music, and movement, tumbling, and parachute games. Children learn social skills and listening skills. Younger children are welcome to attend classes with their siblings, as long as they are in a carrier or stroller.


Come with Me (2- 3 ½) – This parent participation class is a transitional class to the Star Gazers program. The lightly structured class is designed to have a parent assist but begins a progression for a more structured and teacher-led class.


Star Gazers (3 ½ - 4 ½ years) – Children attend this independent class without a parent and learn a range of new skills. The program focuses on helping children develop listening and cooperative skills, motor movement, and kids learn gymnastics in a class setting.


Star Catchers (4 ½ - 6 years) – In this program, students enjoy an independent class where they learn in a class situation. In addition to gymnastics skills, children learn listening and cooperation skills and practice motor and movement skills.


Rising Stars (Invitation only class for ages 4-6) – Children who are ready for a more advanced class may be invited to join this program. Instructors teach more advanced skills and kids learn to master basic skills.


Lightnin’ Boltz (4-6-year-old boys class) – This gymnastics class is designed for boys who are ready for more advanced gymnastics skills. The children learn to develop balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. They work on all 6 Olympic events, including the floor, vault, pommel horse, high bar, rings, and parallel bars. Students get to have fun, learn new skills, and burn off excess energy.


Open Gym (2 - 6 years old) – Free for all Next Dimension Gym Members ages 2-6 that are currently enrolled in a class. This is an Open Gym time to enjoy one of Connecticut’s largest and most exciting Gymnastics Centers. Children must be supervised by an an adult at all times.

Pre-school Gymnastic Classes

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Gymnastic Classes for Kids pre-school Preschool Classes

Weekly themed activities for your preschoolers to enjoy!

FREE Preschool Open Gym for all our members ages 2-6 on Wednesday 12:45-1:30pm